The Literary Corner: Writing exercise 1

Writing exercise 1

Write a fragment describing the exact emotions when you (or your character) learned of a happy or calamitous event in your life (or your character’s life); now try to condense that fragment into a single searing sentence.

For this exercise, please do not write more than 3 pages, Microsoft Word A4 format. Please send your work in .doc or .docx formats only.

Deadline: 20th December 2019


”Broken” by Mimi Apostol

”And the Skies Wept that Day” by Hedwig Silver (yours truly)

♥ ♥ ♥

A few rules to be considered before sending your work in:

  1. Please follow the writing prompt as closely as possible (for example, it may say: write a paragraph, or express your ideas in 100 words – do not ignore those details).
  2. Please check your grammar carefully before sending your work in. I am fine with correcting a few mistakes (I also make them), but I am not happy with rewriting sentences.
  3. Be original. Nobody is here to judge or criticize your writing, so that you are to be afraid of opinions. The circulation of ideas is paramount.
  4. Please do not translate yourself or translate someone else’s work – we will both get into trouble for the latter, and that is definitely something we don’t need.
  5. Please refrain from using foul language in your work (no curse words! There are plenty of ways of implying what we all say sometimes).
  6. Please use punctuation signs properly: ”My name is Rose. What is your name?” and NOT ”My name is Rose . What is your name ? Who are you ?”
  7. Please use Times New Roman, 12, spaced at 1,5 lines, justified!!!

Your works are to be directed at my e-mail address:; mention the subject in your e-mail: Literary Corner: Writing exercise. Do not forget to write your full birth name (for my eyes only) and the name you want to be featured in the post. Once you send your work in, you agree with the fact that anyone can read it or use it, since once on the internet, you cannot control what happens to it. I am unable to provide anti-theft, security measures as everything I do is for free. In case you have any questions, leave a comment in the dedicated section.

If you are not already following the FB page of the blog, please do that, as I shall be announcing any changes/details there.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jitenpurohit
    Oct 16, 2019 @ 17:14:57

    I might like to write here cause I have hobby of writing. Hope you consider my effort and on lighter note oblige me by huge correction 😀 I try my best. Thanks for to give platform 🙏


    • Hedwig Silver
      Oct 17, 2019 @ 15:13:40

      Sir, you know I appreciate you, but please be aware of the fact that by correcting a lot, I am actually altering the work. Plus, keep in mind that I will not have time for that with every contributor. I am eagerly waiting for your work, nonetheless.


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