Introducing The Literary Corner: Writing Exercises for Readers

If this is your first time on my blog, it may be because you are not Romanian and do not read the language. Welcome! I usually write for Romanians, thus in Romanian, about India – language, culture, films etc.; but this time, I thought I should expand my view since I enjoy writing and I am sure other people do as well.

I want this literary corner to become a source of inspiration and of ideas for those who share the passion of writing. I would like it to be made up of contributions from readers of my blog, more than of my writing. Let me tell you about the details:

I intend to come up with a writing exercise every 3 months, summing up to a total of 4 such exercises during a full year. I believe 3 months is a long enough period for people to be inspired and produce original works; plus, I also want to contribute and become better at this wonderful activity.

A few rules to be considered before sending your work in:

  1. Please follow the writing prompt as closely as possible (for example, it may say: write a paragraph, or express your ideas in 100 words – do not ignore those details).
  2. Please check your grammar carefully before sending your work in. I am fine with correcting a few mistakes (I also make them), but I am not happy with rewriting sentences.
  3. Be original. Nobody is here to judge or criticize your writing, so that you are to be afraid of opinions. The circulation of ideas is paramount.
  4. Please do not translate yourself or translate someone else’s work – we will both get into trouble for the latter, and that is definitely something we don’t need.
  5. Please refrain from using foul language in your work (no curse words! There are plenty of ways of implying what we all say sometimes).
  6. Please use punctuation signs properly: ”My name is Rose. What is your name?” and NOT ”My name is Rose . What is your name ? Who are you ?” no spaces before punctuation marks.
  7. Please use Times New Roman, 12, spaced at 1,5 lines, justified!!! It will make it much easier for me to read. The length of each exercise shall be provided in the posts.

A few observations from my part:

  1. I focus on prose. Nonetheless, I have nothing against poetry.
  2. I have no prizes to give. I do everything for free anyway, so there is no way I can provide anything in return.
  3. Once I receive all works, I will read them all and select the ones that I consider the best. If all works are wonderful, I shall publish them all on my blog. For every exercise, there will be the ”mother-page”, where you can find the writing prompt and other information related to that particular exercise and a blank space, later edited, containing the links to the works published for the particular exercise. Each piece will be published in a separate post.
  4. As aforementioned, there will be four exercises in this first year – 1 every 3 months. In the joyful case in which people will be interested, the frequency may increase.
  5. Regarding writing, I do not enjoy horror stories, biographies, science-fiction, which is why the exercises selected will probably not feature any of those. However, you may write whatever your imagination dictates you, as long as you follow the writing prompt.

Your works are to be directed at my e-mail address:; mention the subject in your e-mail: Literary Corner: Writing exercise. Do not forget to write your full birth name (for my eyes only) and the name you want to be featured in the post. Once you send your work in, you agree with the fact that anyone can read it or use it, since once on the internet, you cannot control what happens to it. I am unable to provide anti-theft, security measures as everything I do is for free.

If you are not already following the FB page of the blog, please do that, as I shall be announcing any changes/details there.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mimi Apostol
    Oct 16, 2019 @ 06:09:52

    a great idea. can hardly wait to make my humble contribution!


  2. tzushpy
    Oct 15, 2019 @ 21:36:51

    Mă bucur tare mult să văd înființată această rubrică, aşa cum ai spus că vei face. 😊


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